Teen Couple’S Sexy Romp At Friend’S Birthday Party

Josh’s 18th birthday party was supposed to be the biggest bash his friends had ever experienced. His parents were going out of town and told him that he could have a small get-together with his friends. What they didn’t know was that Josh had planned a huge event. There was plenty of booze, music, and sexual chemistry. Two of Josh’s friends got really drunk and decided to hook up right there at the party. They started by getting right into French kissing. As they got more into it some of their friends took them to one of the bedrooms so that they could have more privacy.

The two quickly rushed into sex without the time of admiring the beauty each had to offer the other. Without any protection and regard of the girl being a virgin, the boy quickly took the girls pants off. He then went down on her, licking her pussy until she was squirming with pleasure. Without losing a moment, he then forced himself into her as a loud gasp nearly indistinguishable from pain and pleasure came from the girl. She appeared to push him away gently as the concoction of lovemaking mixed in pain and pleasure overwhelmed her desire to continue.

He had allowed his drunkenness to take over, and he apologized for being rough with her. The two slowly made love for a moment as the girl occasionally pushed the boy aside for a small break and advanced again. The two partners later started enjoying themselves as it approached midnight, calling each other sweet couple names and kissed more and more as if they had practiced or waited for a night such as this. The boy then continued finding the best angle to approach for the second shot of sex, and once an opportunity presented itself, he got back into it and held her down as he released all the animal sexual instincts that the influence of alcohol made him discover. His vigorous back and forth humping on the bed shook things up as people wondered if the music was that loud or who was making love that hard. Fortunately, he could not last long before he climaxed for the third time, which brought an end the escapade. He immediately collapsed on the bed and passed out. The girl pulled the covers up over them and snuggled next to him, falling asleep curled up next to him.

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