We would like to know if local gents use VIP agencies or cheaper agencies.

Recently across the UK, there seems to have been a huge call for VIP escorts services, so the Better Sex Guide decided to go off to Croydon to explore which services gents preferred in the area. Initially looking at the stats, it seems that both type of agencies are just as busy, but what is the truth.

Alan is a local guy and he says that he uses escorts services a lot across the UK, but when he is home in Croydon, he only use VIP services. According to Alan there is no particular reason but his favorite escorts happen to work for local agencies. Alan likes to date experienced escorts and this means turning to VIP or elite Croydon escorts agencies.

Alan favorite girls used to work in central London and has a lot of experience of dating gents from all walks of life. This is what Alan finds especially interesting as he likes to treat his business colleagues to a couple of dates with Croydon escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/croydon-escorts from time to time. According to Alan this is a really good way to further business relationships and many of his business contacts really appreciate the idea. This year Alan has arranged for a few escorts to attend parties at his home, and he has invited his business contacts as well. All of the parties have been a huge success and Alan is planning more parties this summer.

Nick is another guy who dates a lot of escorts. He says that he also prefers VIP services, just because the girls are a little bit extra special. He has dated cheap escorts as well, but he says that the service you get from VIP escorts is much better, and he is planning to stick to VIP Debden escorts services in the future.

A lot his friends say that he is silly to pay the higher prices for VIP Croydon escorts services, but he says the money is irrelevant. He has a very busy business life, and often only gets the chance to date escorts at the weekend. When you only get a few chances to date says Nick, you are much more likely to want to spoil yourself and that is what I do when I date Croydon ladies at the weekend.

The Better Sex Guide also spoke to a few other gents, and it seems that the majority of the prefer VIP services here in Croydon. It is worth to note that many local gents used to date ladies in central London but now prefer to date hot and sexy ladies in Croydon. They don’t have to travel so far, and can take advantage of the many different services which are offered in Croydon these days.

All of the gents that we spoke to were happy with the services they were receiving and are looking forward to continue to date Croydon hot babes.

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