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I’m going to talk about a conversation that I had with a client, he asked me this question “does my ex still love me now?” he had recently gone through a breakup, and over Christmas what was really confusing to him is that a week before they broke up his girlfriend was elated to be with him, she was talking about how much she loved him, and how much she wanted to be with him, and how much she appreciated him, and then two weeks later all of a sudden boom the break-up happens according to Kensington Escorts from

this can be really confusing for a guy right because here you’ve got a woman who, is telling you all the things that you want to hear, and you’re thinking “okay, well everything’s fine maybe the road has been a little rocky to get to this point but she still loves me, I can rest easy knowing that she’s going to stay with me” and then just like the flip of a switch suddenly she’s gone.

Now, what happens here how can a woman go from loving you and expressing love to within a matter of a few days a week or two suddenly not feel anything and want to call the relationship off? Well, the first point that I’d like to make with this is that it’s not a question of whether she still loves you. In fact, she probably does still love you even in the face of breaking up with you, it’s that there was something going on within her some emotion that she was feeling outside of love that outweighed her feeling of love.

In fact, it was something that was so heavy and so big that she would rather honor that negative feeling and get away from it then stay in a relationship even where she loves somebody. now how this typically happens is the man in the relationship with a woman there’s typically some fighting that’s going on or there’s some type of issue that is unresolved and it keeps coming up over and over again, there’s some type of fight that may be related to one of those reasons that women leave men that kept coming up over and over again and maybe she was expressing these needs and she didn’t feel validated she didn’t feel like you were listening according to Kensington Escorts.

The issue is unresolved and rather than actually work through this. Maybe she just kept talking to her friends about it or maybe she swept it under the carpet and there was this level of resentment that kept building.

as that’s all happening in order for her to justify and rationalize that she’s still in the relationship with you there is this a bit of a war happening within her and the war is on one part she loves you and she’s wanting to look at all of the reasons that she’s still in the relationship with you and she’s wanting to find that justification for stay in the relationship with you. Because starting over is something that nobody wants to do.

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