The Sixties Love Life

The Swinging 60s was the boom time for charlotte escorts. This was the time when the world first heard of London escorts. Had there not been escorts in London before the 60s? Of course, charlotte escorts had been around since before the 1960s, but in the 60s, things really changed in London. It became the focus point of youth and music culture and very much what we would today call the happening place. Icon names such as Twiggy and Lou Lou still ring a bell in most people’s minds.

Needless to say, visitors to London wanted to be part of the 60s scene. However, getting involved in the 60s scene was not easy. You really had to know somebody who knew somebody if you know what I mean. The celebs at the time, liked nothing better than to hang out with sexy girls. When they could not find their own sexy girl, they started to look around to find out what else was available. That is how so many men ended up dating London escorts.

At the time, young girls flocked to London. They dreamed of becoming models but it took more than a mini skirt to make it as a model in London. You needed to have the right connections. The girls who did not make it as models in London, often ended up working as London escorts. Did any London escorts every become models? As a matter of fact they did. The girls who ended up dating celebs were on occasion lucky enough to fulfil their dreams of becoming models. As I said, in the 60s you needed contacts to make it big in London.

Were there famous London escorts in the 60s? Yes, believe it or not, some London escorts became famous. They were often referred to as models, but the truth is that they were London escorts. Dating a model was the in thing to do. The gents who enjoyed the company of escorts in London did not want to call them escorts. Instead they called them models. To this day, London escorts are often referred to as models. Dating a model in London often means you are dating a London escort.

The London escorts who ended up dating celebs often did very well. Not only did escorts in London date rock stars and musicians. They also dated politicians, London gangsters and well known businessmen. During the 60s, were rather a lot of scandals. The girls who worked as escorts hit the headlines on more than one occasions. Since the 60s, the London escort has been ingrained on many men’s minds. Even if they are older now, they may travel back to London from time to time to seek out the company of London escorts. Perhaps in an attempt to recapture their lost youth.

It is still popular to date London escorts. If you would like to know more about escorts in London, and set up a date with one, follow the links on this page.

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