Totting escorts has recently come back from a cruise

Have you had too much of a good thing recently? One of the gentlemen who has become my regular at Totting escorts from has recently come back from a cruise. He is a lovely man and took his elderly mom on a long voyage, which started in Hong Kong until they finally ended up in the UK. It sounds like they have had a perfect time, and by the looks of it, he enjoyed all of the excellent food on board the ship as well.
Long cruises are getting more and more popular, and many people are packing their bags and going. However, just like my gent here at Totting escorts, they often come back with extra weight, and it seems that their health often suffers during their time on the cruise. If you plan to go on a long voyage with your partner or family member, one of the best things you can do is pack your sneakers.

But maybe you would like a couple of top tips. I have not been on many cruises, but then once I have been on with my friends from Totting escorts, I notice that people like to eat. One of the best ways to avoid putting on extra weight during your cruise holiday is to start the day right. Why not try a fruit platter? And if you would like to be fair, you can always order it in your cabin. Many top cruise lines offer breakfast in the house as part of the cost of the cruise.

Get some exercise on your cruise. The gym may be packed on your cruise, so it is a good idea to check out the alternatives. When I went on the second cruise with my friends from Totting escorts, I packed a pair of walk right trainers and walked around the deck a couple of times per day. That may not be so easy to fit in when you have a shore excursion, but on the other hand, you can always go for a walk after dinner and catch the last show instead.

The dinner can do you a lot of harm. Ask yourself if you need to order all seven courses. I am pretty sure that you don’t need to do that. One of the girls from Totting escorts did so one night, and to be honest, she said it was way too much. Imagine if you keep doing that night after night. I am not sure that you would feel about going about yourself, and you would also put on too much weight. Skipping cocktails is another way to cut down on calories during your cruise, and don’t forget that specialty coffees have a lot of sugar in them. Anyway, if you fancy a cruise, please give me a call here at the escort agency in Totting. I would love to come with you, and I will make sure that I keep you fit and healthy.

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